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Serial killers

(engelsk) This book explores, chronologically, the stories of over 50 of the most vicious murderers in world history. For each, we hear of their formative experiences, double lives, gruesome crimes and, for those that did not - chillingly - evade capture, the psychological profiles and forensic techniques used to ensnare them. From Jack the Ripper, Ed Gein and The Boston Strangler to Ted Bundy, the Moors Murderers and Jeffrey Dahmer, the story of the serial killer is revealed, offering a shocking insight into the extremes of cruelty and depravity to which man, or sometimes even woman, can sink

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Bognummer: 37609
Indlæser: Jon Cartwright
Spilletid: 09 timer og 45 minutter

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Udgave: [s.l] : Index Books, 2008
ISBN: 1-90520436-1
Udgivet af Nota: 2011

Emneord: mord | mordere | seriemord | seriemordere | historie
DK5: 34.38